about Ricca

Fine, Western-style dining amidst a stunning mountain forest...




Restaurant Ricca is proud to offer original Western-style cuisine that reflect the rich variety of tastes & textures available in the Tajima region.


Northern Hyogo Prefecture is home to fertile valleys & lush forested mountains, fed by the Maruyama River which extends to the Sea of Japan.


Our restaurant is proud to offer guests these diverse tastes in combination with the many varied & colorful cooking styles of the West.

It is our mission & passion to share with all visitors the wonders of Tajima through food. We proudly cook with fresh ingredients that use no  preservatives or additives.

We look forward to welcoming you to Restaurant Ricca & Kinosaki Onsen!

Chef Shingo Tanigaki 

Ricca is a modern stylish restaurant offering Italian & French cuisine including dry-aged Tajima beef and local fresh seafood in Kinosaki Onsen, Japan

Lunch   11:30~14:30 (L.O 13:30)

 reservations required / reserve by 10:00 day of

lunch closed: Tues

Dinner  17:30~21:30 (L.O 19:30)

reservations required / reserve by 13:00 day of

E-Mail: shogetsutei@nishimuraya.ne.jp
TEL: +81-796-32-3535 / 0796-32-3535

※ restaurant guests must be 10yr or older /irregular closures occur

Located at Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei in Kinosaki Onsen JAPAN, Restaurant Ricca offers fine Western-style course menu dining. We invite you to enjoy the seasonal, local flavors or Tajima & the Sea of Japan & our signature dry-aged Tajima beef - an original offering of Restaurant Ricca.

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